Since 2015, the SPARC Common Fund program has built a community of resources to advance the science and development of neuromodulation therapies targeting the peripheral nervous system control of organ function. These resources include the SPARC Portal, experimental protocols, and engineered device technologies. Many of these resources are also described in SPARC generated publications.

The SPARC Portal

Launched in July 2019, the Portal currently hosts a growing set of digital resources generated by researchers funded through the NIH Common Fund SPARC program. We are continually adding new datasets, maps, and computational studies to the site — and are building new functionality to access and interact with those resources — so please check back periodically and sign up for our mailing list. Uniquely, this resource is not only a data repository but contains cloud-based resources to dynamically interact with data through enhanced search functions and computational resources.  
Data submission is currently through SPARC-funded investigators and the platforms open for community access and analysis of these data. In the meantime, we’d love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you have for the Portal using our email link. SPARC Portal feedback >
The Portal is a collaborative effort between groups based in the United States >, New Zealand >, and Switzerland >. Collectively, these groups constitute SPARC’s Data & Resource Center (DRC). Please visit the DRC project-team pages for more information. SPARC Portal >

Experimental protocols

SPARC project related research protocols can be found at >.

Devices for testing and translational therapies

[under construction … check back soon]
NIH 3D Print Exchange >