About the SPARC Portal

Learn about our overall vision and key goals that shape the future of the SPARC Portal

SPARC's Plans for the Future

The overall vision for the SPARC Portal is to accelerate autonomic neuroscience research and device development by providing access to digital resources that can be shared, cited, visualized, computed, and used for virtual experimentation. The SPARC Portal is freely available to the global scientific community, including biological scientists, computational scientists, medical interests (device manufacturers, etc.), and funders interested in autonomic neuroscience and bioelectronic medicine. A growing collection of resources are available, including datasets, maps, and computational studies focusing on the role of the autonomic nervous system in controlling organ function.

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SPARC Data and Usage Statistics

Quarterly reported metrics detailing the progress of the SPARC program

SPARC Portal Release Notes

The SPARC Portal Release Notes are updated after each portal development sprint and highlights new and updated features and functionality.

SPARC Roadmap

The overall vision and the main goals of the SPARC Portal are to provide a resource for the global scientific community to explore and leverage the scientific output of the SPARC program.