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SODA: Software to Organize Data Automatically

Software currently under development for simplifying data curation and sharing for SPARC investigators.
Updated at: 07/28/2021


SODA (Software to Organize Data Automatically) for SPARC is a desktop software intended to facilitate the data organization and submission process for SPARC investigators and thus promote the FAIR Data Principles. The idea for computer software that assists researchers in curating and sharing their data originated during the SPARC Hackathon in December 2018, where it won the Public's Choice Award, before receiving support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for further development. SODA for SPARC is designed such that users can accomplish all the requirements to submit a SPARC dataset rapidly through a single interface. Moreover, requirements have been broken down into easy-to-perform steps, and automation has been integrated to reduce users' effort to a bare minimum during each step, often to just a few clicks.


For detailed information about the software, including links for downloading and documentation, we recommend visiting our GitHub repository:

SODA Image


  • Bhavesh Patel (California Medical Innovations Institute)
  • Tram Ngo (California Medical Innovations Institute)
  • Sanjay Soundarajan (California Medical Innovations Institute)
  • Karl Helmer (Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • Parya Aghasafari (UC Davis)