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Accessing Public Datasets

How do I download public datasets on the SPARC Portal?
Updated at: 06/30/2021

Accessing Public Datasets on the SPARC Portal

Users can get access to public datasets directly through the SPARC Portal. Datasets smaller than 5GB can be downloaded directly through the browser and all datasets can be accessed on Amazon's S3 service using your own AWS account. In order to access the public datasets, go to the Find Data tab and select one of the datasets. Then, click on the Get Dataset button for information on where to get the specific dataset.

Download Datasets under 5GB

Datasets smaller than 5GB can be downloaded directly through the browser by clicking on the Get Dataset button. Clicking on the button will start the download process through the web-browser.

Dataset Download Modal (5GB)

Access Datasets larger than 5GB

Dataset larger than 5GB are made available directly on Amazon's S3 service.

Download from AWS

This allows you to access the data in the cloud, or download the data. Detailed information on how to setup your AWS account and how to download/transfer data can be found using the following links:

  1. Setting up your AWS Account
  2. Installing and configuring the AWS CLI
  3. Transferring public data to a private Amazon S3 Bucket
  4. Downloading a public SPARC Dataset

Download Individual Files from a Dataset

Users can also download individual files and folders within a dataset. To download a single file, click on the ellipses under the operation column. From the dropdown given, click Download. For files smaller than 5GB, the file will be downloaded and saved to your local machine. Files larger than 5GB are made available directly on Amazon’s S3 service.

Download Individual File

Alternatively, for files types such as TIFF, JPEG2000, or JSON, clicking on the file name will open a new page listing the file details. From there, click the Download button in the top right.

File Details Download

Download Multiple Files from a Dataset

To download multiple files and folders at a time, click the checkbox next to each file to be downloaded. Next, click the Download button in the top right of the Files tab.

Download Multiple Files

A confirmation screen will appear; name the zip folder and click Download to complete the action.

Confirm Download

Note: Single files will be downloaded and saved in their original file format. Files and/or folders downloaded together will be saved as a zip folder containing the selected files/folders.