2021 SPARC FAIR Codeathon: Application deadline extended to July 6!

The SPARC Data and Resource Center, with funding from the NIH, is hosting an in-the-cloud codeathon.


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July 12, 2021 - July 26, 2021


Virtual Codeathon


Eligibility: Competitors from anywhere in the world are eligible.

Prizes Available: Several prizes of up to US$10,000 each will be awarded.

Optional Workshop: An optional free workshop, AWS Technical Essentials, will be offered the week before the codeathon.

Please be aware: 1) There is no registration fee associated with attending either of these events and 2) you must have your own laptop/computer and access to the internet.

In this codeathon, we are looking for researchers and data scientists at any stage of their data science journey to work on exciting projects which use SPARC data and/or SPARC tools and resources in novel ways, particularly in enhancing, demonstrating, or measuring the findability, accessibility, interoperability, or reusability (FAIR) of the data. Teams will greatly benefit from people who possess any of the following skills:

  • Data mining, image and text analysis
  • Working knowledge of scripting languages (e.g., Shell, Python, R)
  • Familiarity with methods for manipulating and/or analyzing large datasets (AI/ML, computational modeling, etc.)
  • Developing bioinformatics code, pipelines or tools
  • Data visualization
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Web development
  • Understanding of neuroscience and/or neurostimulation

During the codeathon, teams will build pipelines, other scripts, software, and programs for projects that 1) demonstrate the value of SPARC’s public data and/or 2) directly integrate into or with SPARC tools and resources to improve their existing capabilities via the various APIs and services available.

We will notify the first round of accepted applicants on July 2, 2021. Accepted applicants have until July 6 at noon EDT to confirm their participation. If you confirm, please make sure that you can participate, as confirming and not participating prevents other scientists from attending this event.

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