2023 SPARC FAIR Codeathon

The SPARC Data and Resource Center, with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will host a three-day in-the-cloud codeathon.



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August 5, 2023 - August 7, 2023




The SPARC Data and Resource Center (DRC), with funding from the National Institutes of Health, hosted a cloud-based three-day codeathon.

This event is now over. Congratulations to all teams. All projects will soon be available on the SPARC Portal.


Grand Prize, $20,000 USD

A python tool to explore, enhance, and expand SPARC datasets and their descriptions in accordance with FAIR principles

Team members: Chinchien Lin, Matthew French, Thiranja Babarenda Gamage, Linkun Gao, Michael Hoffman, Jiali Xu


2nd Prize, $10,000 USD

A tool for Fast and Small savable workflows for SPARC data analysis

Team members: Charles Horn, John Bentley, Mason Mings


3rd Prize, $7,000 USD

Python package and web app to retrieve and visualize data contained in SCKAN

Team members: Hiba Ben Aribi, Pranjal Garg, Gautam Kumar, Shailesh Appukuttan

MetaCell does Apinatomy

4th Prize, $3,000 USD

The repository contains 2 tools hacked during the last 3 days, an updated version of the open-physiology-viewer and the sparc_converter

Team members: Dario del Piano, Jerry Stefkos, Giovanni Idili Jesus Martinez, Nicolas Gomez, Alex Burdusel


Visualizing Neuronal Populations by using the existing neurondm python library for neurons and circuits curated in SCKAN

Team Members: Vitalie Cervinschi, Mahitha Simhambhatla, Sanjay Soundarajan, Archit Gupta, Erick Olivares

6th Team - SPARC Chat

A chatbot for querying information about SPARC

Team Members: Alireza Moshayedi, Sam Lee, Anmol Kiran

Watch for announcements on the SPARC Twitter feed to join a diverse team working on exciting projects using SPARC data and/or tools and resources in novel ways. These include enhancing, demonstrating, and measuring the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reuse (FAIRness) of digital assets.

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Participation in the codeathon is free and you only need access to your own computer and a reliable internet connection. Contributors from the United States and abroad are eligible.

Cash Prizes

Please feel free to contact the FAIR Codeathon team if you have questions or need more information: fair-codeathon-support@sparc.science.

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