Scaffold Mapping Tools

A collection of tools to enable mapping SPARC data to organ scaffolds. Delivered through a scaffold mapping tool release of MAP Client.

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Scaffold Mapping Tools




The MAP-Core scaffold mapping tool enables users to robustly and reproducibly map SPARC data into anatomical organ scaffolds. The scaffold mapping tool will also ensure that required metadata and visualization files are correctly added to a dataset to enable rendering and visual exploration on the SPARC Portal.

The MAP-Core scaffold mapping tool is a specialized release of the MAP-Client application which is a framework for managing workflows. The specialized release is pre-packaged with the tools required for mapping data to organ scaffolds, producing visual renderings for the SPARC Portal, and enriching datasets with the mapped data.

Instructions on how to install the scaffold mapping tools application can be found here: Scaffold mapping tools installation guide

Documentation on how to map data to a scaffold is available here: MAP-Core scaffold mapping tools

Documentation on the MAP Client application is available here: MAP Client documentation

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