The Pennsieve platform provides a scalable, cloud-based solution for collaborative scientific research. It provides advanced functionality to organize files and the complex metadata describing datasets. Access the data through the web application or programmatically using the API and Python client.

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The Pennsieve Data Management Platform provides a scalable cloud-based solution for managing, analyzing, and sharing scientific datasets. The platform enables graph based data and metadata integration, supporting meaningful curation of data in context. Using the platform, scientists can publish high quality datasets, cite, and make them available to the larger scientific community.

The Pennsieve Platform provides end-to-end functionality to support scientific data management, curation to data publication.

Easy sharing between collaborators An easy, cloud-based solution for managing and sharing data with your team.

Interactive viewers Directly interact with microscopy, timeseries and other scientific data modalities in the browser.

Pennsieve Timeseries Viewers

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Explore your data Open API access and Python client to programmatically interact with data on the platform: Pennsieve API Reference

Advanced metadata management Create advanced metadata schemas and link metadata to files through a knowledge graph. Graph viewer

FAIR publishing of data Publish your data, make your data findable, and cite your data using a DOI

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