A simulation platform that enables users to create, access, tune, and run models or computational algorithms through a web-based interface.

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o²S²PARC is a cloud-based platform for developing, running, and sharing computational models and data analysis pipelines and viewing the results. Our principal goals are to support simulations of therapeutic autonomic nervous system neuromodulation and provide a platform for the associated data analysis.

To promote FAIR-ness in the computational modeling community, projects that are integrated into the o²S²PARC platform can be run without software installation and development expertise. o²S²PARC projects (called studies) can be launched directly from the SPARC Portal, even without a user account (see Accessing Published Simulations). Studies are composed of one or more nodes, derived from a large number of available services. For example, some nodes are JupyterLab instances which provide tailored script development, exploration, and documentation environments; others are computational models shared by SPARC researchers; yet others provide detailed anatomical representations. These service nodes have well-defined ports that permit complex pipelines and models based on existing building blocks.


With the help of SIM-CORE, researchers can easily transform their code or models into configurable, reusable, and shareable computational services, gaining a powerful user-interface in the process. o²S²PARC thus makes computational modeling:

Findable: via the Portal and the various search functionalities of o²S²PARC.

Accessible: directly through the cloud-based platform without any user resource requirements beyond a web-browser. Projects can also be shared among users and teams.

Interoperable: nodes are self-contained and can be coupled and pipelined, and communication is ensured by the framework, obviating the need for compatible OS's, programming languages, software installations, etc.

Reusable: nodes contain code along with the runtime environment, which permits reuse of workflows, avoiding compatibility issues and ensuring sustainability and reproducibility.

To get an o²S²PARC account, please send an email request to support@osparc.io For detailed user and developer documentation, please visit https://docs.osparc.io/#/

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