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Whether you are an individual researcher, manage a program or a project funder interested in the peripheral nervous system, consider sharing your data on SPARC

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Thinking about how your research fits?

SPARC is fully compliant with requirements for managing and sharing data according to the new NIH data sharing policy. We provide:

  • Dedicated private space for sharing data among project participants
  • Dedicated public space on the SPARC Portal featuring your project
  • Access to the full suite of SPARC data and computational services, including data curation, knowledge management, modeling and simulation expertise and tools

We accept the following types of contributions:

  • Datasets - Repository of data and metadata.
  • Computational Models - Simulations and Data Analysis Models.
  • Anatomical Models - Scaffolds & Flatmaps.
  • Tools - A tool that helps with studying autonomic neuroscience and nerve-organ biology.
  • Devices - A device that helps in data collection of the relieving of conditions associated with autonomic neuroscience.
  • Collections - A collection of research that is related to autonomic neuroscience and nerve-organ biology, this collection may be associated with any of the other types of contributions.

Want to submit your data?

The SPARC Data and Resource Center (DRC) supports user needs with open office hours. Office Hours for K-Core curation, MAP-Core, and DAT-Core occur monthly. SIM-Core hours are every other month. Hours are in EDT.

Already have data on SPARC?

If you already setup with access to the SPARC workspace on Pennsieve and have a new Dataset, Computational or Anatomical Model then you can submit directly on Pennsieve without the need for submitting a Dataset Submission Request.

Want to check if your data is the right fit for SPARC?

By submitting a Dataset Submission Request you are directly connected with our Publishing Team who will help you kick off the process.

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What We Offer

The SPARC Portal offers a growing collection of digital resources that focus on the role of the autonomic nervous system in controlling organ function.

SPARC Portal Release Notes

The SPARC Portal Release Notes are updated after each Portal development sprint and highlights new and updated features and functionality.