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About o²S²PARC

o²S²PARC is an open, cloud-based platform for the development, execution and sharing of computational models, simulations, and data analysis pipelines, and the presentation of results. The main goal is to support the study of therapeutic neuromodulation of the autonomic nervous system. With the help of SIM-CORE, researchers can easily transform their code or models on o²S²PARC into configurable, reusable, and shareable studies, applications/workflows and services, benefiting from a large number of available modules and from a graphical user interface (GUI) that is automatically provided by o²S²PARC. The platform ensures long-term reproducibility and sustainability of computational studies and workflows.

o²S²PARC is designed to promote FAIR-ness in the computational modeling community, e.g., by enabling reuse and integration of established models and services without own development skills. All that is required to access powerful computational resources is a web-browser.

Visit the dedicated page to learn more about the key o²S²PARC features.

Recent Achievements

SPARC’s o²S²PARC simulation platform enabled ZMT, a Swiss-based Medtech company, to release a web-based implementation of their advanced Sim4Life desktop computational platform. S4L lite is free of charge for scientific use by students and in teaching! Read more here.

User Accounts

o²S²PARC To apply for an o²S²PARC account, please send an email request to o²S²PARC support. A video introduction to the platform is available here. The following resources are also available:

Still more questions? Contact us here. You can also meet with the SIM-Core team during our online office hours.