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The SPARC Portal is an open neuroscience and systems physiology platform containing multi-species data, knowledge, computational modeling and spatial mapping. Share your data and models to drive development of treatments that change lives.

What Can I Do With SPARC?
Browse, View, and Get Data and Models
Freely use curated experimental data, protocols, and models of the autonomic nervous system.
View 2D and 3D Anatomical Maps
Discover relationships and datasets with interactive connectivity maps featuring different species.
Create Computational Pipelines
Connect to the o²S²PARC platform to build and explore modeling and data analysis pipelines.
Include SPARC in your proposals
2023 NIH Data Sharing Policy is in effect now. Requirements are met when your grant includes SPARC.

Resources & Datasets
Here is a resource you might be interested in:
The Pennsieve platform provides a scalable, cloud-based solution for collaborative scientific research. It provides advanced functionality to organize files and the complex metadata describing datasets. Access the data through the web application or programmatically using the API and Python client.
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Featured Datasets
MicroCT imaging of the fascicular structure in the porcine right and left cervical vagus nerve
This dataset provides a collection of microCT scans of the left and right vagus nerves from domestic pigs. Scans were captured, spanning a 15-20 cm window from the nodose ganglion to the superior cardiac branch, with a precision of 20 um slice intervals.
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