Welcome to the SPARC Portal — Advancing bioelectronic medicine through open science!

Our vision: Integration of Data, Knowledge, Computational Modeling, and Spatial Mapping for the peripheral nervous system will greatly advance scientific understanding of this system and will deliver significant impacts for clinical medicine.

Connecting the Research Community

SPARC is setting a benchmark for FAIR data management by providing necessary tools for researchers to share data. They are also making data easily accessible and reusable through their Portal.

— Bhavesh Patel, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor, FAIR Data Innovations Hub, California Medical Innovations Institute

The SPARC Consortium’s complementary expertise and highly interactive nature allows us to tackle the neuroanatomy and implications of nerve stimulation on specific colonic functions, thereby identifying neural circuits that can influence gut diseases.

— Yvette Taché, Ph.D. and Mulugeta Million, DVM, Ph.D., David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

SPARC places big data fields into a larger context that helps researchers to critically evaluate their data, and also integrates imaging and spatial data,  helping researchers find relevance to their work.

— Alison Moss - PhD Candidate, Thomas Jefferson University (specializing in Computational Biology)