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Our vision: Integration of Data, Knowledge, Computational Modeling, and Spatial Mapping for the peripheral nervous system will greatly advance scientific understanding and will deliver significant impacts for clinical medicine.

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Resources & Datasets
Here is a resource you might be interested in:
SPARC Antibody Labeling Database: Colonic enteric nervous system
These tables list the antibody labeling of colonic enteric neurons and/or nerve fibers, enteric glial cells, and interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) in the mouse, pig and human.
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Colon, Stomach, and Small Intestine Datasets
Substance P-immunoreactive axon innervation of mouse stomach
Immunohistochemistry revealed the morphology and distribution of nociceptor Substance P-immunoreactive (SP-IR) axons and terminals in the muscular layers (longitudinal muscle, myenteric plexus, and circular muscle) of the mouse stomach.
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